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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your rate so low?
We are a small company working out of a home office in rural New South Wales (Coolongolook, to be exact). Not having to maintain an office in a city business district means our business overheads are smaller, so we pass those savings on in the form of an incredibly low rate. Plus, I'm nearly bald, and I spend most of my time in shorts and T-shirts, so I don't have to spend a lot of money on maintaining my pony-tail, or buying expensive suits - unlike city-based web designers.

If you're in rural NSW, and I'm in Upper Kumbukta West, how can you help me?
All we need to create your web site is for you to provide us with some copy and photos of your products/business. These items can be delivered to Cool Look Web Design by post or email. Any consultations regarding your web site can be conducted via telephone, email or Microsoft Netmeeting

What's so good about Cool Look Web Design?
Because we are a small company, we concentrate more on quality than quantity. We can design web sites that not only look good, but are fast to load - an increasingly important factor in today's congested Internet. A lot of people forget that a large proportion of internet users these days are still stuck on dial-up connections. If you load your site up with flash, videos and other extraneous elements, your going to lose a lot of potential customers.

What is a Domain Name?
A Domain Name is a web site address in the form of A Domain Name must be registered with an ICANN accredited registration body.

Do I need a Domain Name?
In 99.9% of cases I would say YES! In .01% of cases I would say "Maybe not, but they're so cheap, why not?". Until recently, domain name registration was handled by a select group of bodies who charged arbitrary fees to register domain names.
This sector has recently been deregulated, and it is now possible to register domain names for a fraction of what it used to (and in some cases, still does) cost. For example - to register a domain name with Network Solutions costs $US35 (approx $AUS70) per year, but to register the same name with GoDaddy costs $US8.95 (approx $AUS10) per year! Both companies are ICANN approved, and both offer a similar level of service.
The bottom line is that it is so cheap to register a domain name now, it is no longer a question of if. In fact, Domain Names are so cheap, that I recommend to most people who are serious Internet users to register your name as a Domain before someone else gets it. That's right - if your name is William Tell, get over to GoDaddy and register before it's too late! Imagine how cool your email address will look -!

Do I have to register my Domain Name myself?
No. We can take care of all the administrative mumbo-jumbo involved in registering your domain name for you.

What is Web Site Hosting?
Once your web site has been created, it must be put on a computer that is permanently connected to the Internet. This is called a "host" - hence the term "hosting".
There are a number of options available to you for site hosting, ranging from free services to very expensive ones. You are free to nominate any Web Hosting company for your site, but we recommend OzHosting offer a range of hosting packages, and provide a reliable, professional service.
Please note - charges for Web Site Hosting are on top of Web Site Design charges.

Can I maintain my website myself, or let one of my staff members do it?
No. If we are maintaining your web site, we would rather that the site is not 'casually edited'. This type of situation inevitably leads to problems.
If you want to maintain your site yourself once we have created it, we will be happy to either upload it to a host and then 'hand you the reins', or deliver your completed site to you on CD so that you can make your own arrangements regarding hosting and maintaining the site.

Nowhere on this site do you mention a price for a web site...!
One of the things (we hope) you will notice when you look at some Cool Look web sites is the individuality of each site. This means that the price for each site is individual! We do not make promises such as 'a 3 page site for $X' might want 3 pages with 75 photo thumbnails on each page (unlikely!). Naturally this is going to take longer to create than a 3 page site with 2 pages of text and 1 photograph.
We are happy to provide detailed quotes on any work you may require, but naturally we need some idea of what that work will be before we can give you some idea of the price! A rough rule of thumb (note the word rough) : it takes approx 3-4 hours for each individual page within a web site, so a 3 page site would take up to 12 hours. (Remember the secret word - rough)